Monday, November 16, 2009

Rainy Season Cometh

This is one boring game of Monday Night Football. The Ravens defense is impressive, and they are fun to watch, but the Browns' offense is no challenge whatsoever.

Not much exciting over the past few weeks. The rainy season has begun, which means I have crept back indoors and I have started playing more WoW. Priest hit 80 on the role-play pvp server with Josh and Derek, so phase two of the game has begun.

I started swimming laps at LA Fitness, and I have been trying to swim 10 laps (or 20 lengths) every time I swim. The first attempt was Saturday afternoon, and I did a lot of breaststroke and I ended with two laps of backstroke. Freestyle just saps my energy. Today the first lap felt really good, but I deteriorated from there.

Ski season starts Thursday, and I have some doubts about my 96' Honda in the snow.



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