Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Skeezo fo' Reezo

Sold the Ford Ranger truck this morning, which I've been trying to sell for the past three months. The first guy that wanted to come see it was quite a character. He called me last night, saying he was on his way up at around 4:30pm. An hour later (the drive is 30 minutes) he called and said he had to pick up his daughter and he would be here shortly, I told him I had to leave at 7:30pm. He calls at 7pm and wonders if he can come this morning to look at it in the light, I say that is fine. We agree on meeting at my place at 8am, and he says he will be here at "8AM sharp!"

I wake up at 7:45am this morning. Receive a phone call at 8:15am asking for directions again. Receive another phone call at 8:50am saying that he is here and looking at the truck. We take the truck for a spin and he enjoys the ride (it rides nicely). We get back to my place and he looks under the hood and starts to point out to me all of the imperfections, rubbing his goatee and smacking his chops in dismay at each new imperfection. He says he is going to go call his friend from his car and have the carfax report done, I say, "OK."

He comes back to the truck in less than a minute with a wad of cash. We had ball-parked $2400, he says, "$1900 cash right now and I won't call the carfax in." I don't care if he calls carfax or not. I say, "$2400."

"Oh, come on man, it'll cost me $300 to transfer the title. How about $2000?" I don't care how much it costs to transfer the title, also 2400-300=2100.

"$2200 is as low as I'm going." I say.

"Ah, alright man." And he proceeds to count out $2100 in $100 bills. He counts it again and realizes he is short and says "You count it this time."

I count it. "Still short one."

He adds one hundred more and we part ways. He says he is happy that he can pick up chicks now (he paid $300 for his other car).

He calls back two hours later from the licensing office, saying that the sheet I kept he needs at the title office, but he'll just take the info off the title he has and fake the signature...

Part of me hopes he gets caught, that'd be a stupid way to go to jail, seeing how I have the official paper right here and he has to come back for his old car anyways. But another part of me hopes he gets away with it so I can wipe my hands clean.



Blogger DrChako said...

At this point I think your hands are already clean - and you have the cash.

Congrats on the sale. Know anyone who wants a house in Federal Way?


12:31 PM  
Blogger The Wife said...

Nice sale! We'd make a fierce negotiating team.

10:16 PM  

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