Monday, October 12, 2009

Sick and Subbing

First off, I've got to say that Kat has found a good gig. I subbed for a high school technology class on Friday and it was amazing. I'm used to kids bouncing off the walls if they finish early, or don't care about what we're working on in class. In tech class, they just play on the computer, without distracting too many other students. Sure, the behavior isn't exactly what I'm after, but it could be worse--much worse.

I was out sick last Wednesday, but with copious amounts of tea and poker I was able to work Thursday and Friday before succumbing to the full force of the cold over the weekend. Friday night was no fun, as I was invited out to hang with Eddie and his friends, but couldn't stop blowing my nose and hacking up yummy green stuff. I laid low for the most part this weekend, just in time to work again on Monday--gah. My consolation is that today was another easy sub day, watching a Bill Nye the Science Guy video over and over again all day long. I sub for the same science teacher again on Wednesday, when apparently a counselor is coming in to talk with the class for the entire period. Suh-weet.



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