Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Going for the Record!

I took the day off from subbing today, which I had kind of planned on doing anyways after two grueling days of work (don't pity me, please). Ends up that I started feeling ill last night, and would have had to take the day off anyways.

I started playing the two Early Double tournies on Full Tilt. There are bonuses associated with cashing, final tabling, and winning both tournaments. There is also a nice bonus for having the highest average finish between the two tournies out of all the runners. Three hours in, I've cashed in both tournies and there are about 100 people left in each.

The real record I am going for is "Number of times a single tea bag has been used." I am currently on my 7th cup of tea with the same tea bag. If I can get to 10, I'll go ahead and call that the World Record, unless proven otherwise. To go along with the tea bag record, I've visited the restroom five times today, which might be close to the day record for males without digestive problems.

I owe my record-making skills to my father, who is the current World Record holder for the "Longest lasting bottle of shampoo, due to adding water." We had one bottle of shampoo last for about six months, and by the end the mixture was 98% water. My dad is cheaper than a nest of newborn chicks. Go for the gold!

Update: out in 84th in B (lost a flip), still going strong in A.



Blogger lightning36 said...

My wife could challenge your record with her nasty looking tea bags. As for me -- one and out. Live a little, baby. : o )

12:41 PM  

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