Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flip Mode Squad (Kat bet pic)

I've been listening to a lot of Mos Def recently, as I'm in the middle of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy five-set, and Mos plays the role of Ford Prefect in the movie. Here are some links to Mos on Real Time with Bill Maher if you're unfamiliar:

There are plenty of links to Mos Def's music on YouTube, but most don't let embedding occur. Busta Rhymes and Mos have a few collaborations, and I had a few Busta Rhymes cd's growing up, hence the Flip Mode Squad title. Also, the flip mode squad title has to do with this post being a little flip from the norm... usually I see that I haven't posted for a week and do a lame list of what I've done during the past week in chronological order. It sucks because I don't remember the fun details from seven days ago, and by the time I get to yesterday, where I actually remember the things that happened, I am ready to wrap up the post. Today I'm going to try a reverse chronological order list from now to last week. It doesn't sound much better from the normal list, but hey~

Today I had two great motorcycle rides. The first was a quick loop down and around downtown Seattle to drop off my substitute information to the Seattle School District. I got on the express lanes into the city and I was the only vehicle the entire four miles into the city--it was awesome. On the way back I took 99 up along the water and was treated to some amazing views.

Later, Jared and I finally got out on a ride together. He bought a Ninja 250 about a month ago and my bike has been in the shop the whole time he's had his. We rode over to High Bridge Road, but the road was closed four miles into it. We got a few curves in, and the back roads we took to get to High Bridge Road were a lot of fun. It was great to get out on the bike and not have it assplode on me!

Here are a few pics, and one that fulfills my obligation to post a glamor shot (ugly mug shot) of me and my bike, sigh.

I've spent the last two days volunteer tennis coaching at my old high school. Tryouts started yesterday and the varsity coach did not have any help, and he offered me the JV job if I wanted it (I coached in 07'). I was torn. I don't have a job, but I really need and want a teaching job first, and a coaching job second. Right now I have very few strings holding me in any one place, and I applied to a job up near the San Juan Islands. I wouldn't be able to take that job if I get it, if I coach. I was struggling with my options, not wanting to give a half-assed commitment to coaching, but also not wanting to leave the varsity coach hanging. It all cleared up today though, and he found another ex-player to coach the JV team, so I'm off the hook!

The past week has been pretty stressful on the job front. Besides trying to figure out exactly where I want to live, and if I want to coach, there is a camping trip scheduled to depart tomorrow that I've been flip-flopping on. The trip sounds amazing, but I feel like I should be spending the time job searching during this crucial time to get a job. One option is to just do the camping, or just do the backpacking portion of the dual-trip. Coaching was getting in the way until today's discovery as well. I was flip-flopping on a lot of things, and being quite flaky with a lot of my friends, and that sucked.

The more I worked it out today, the more I think a camping trip is exactly what I need. I just need to get out for a few days, clear my head, and focus on what it is I need to do and not worry about the rest. I hope to be enlightened at the end of the trip, which is par for the course after a hiking trip for me :)

Well now I've gone off track and I'm back to today--oh well, flip mode squad has been vanquished. I'll pour one for my homies and say that I played softball, racquetball and went rock climbing a couple times last week--in chronologically reversed order.

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