Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Stupid WoW Addiction

Well, this is round 4 for me in WoW. Four rounds of one game qualifies as an addicition, I'd say. Especially since I've pretty much spent all of Saturday and today sitting in my chair playing the game. Waffles makes the game fun to play, as does playing a new class (Hunter) with professions I haven't done before (skinner, leather-working).

I'm imagining roaming through the horde countryside, killing mobs and skinning them along the way to hide my path while searching for lowbies to kill. I've got two pets so far, my trusty bear pet named Smokey, and my boar named Baconbits. Thanks for the name suggestion, Waffles, even if it did mean I had to die again trying to tame the damn beast.

We're playing on Alterac Mountains pvp server, alliance side if you are interested in joining up. I haven't been PK'd yet, so that is good news. My crowning achievement tonight was finishing up the long quest culminating in bringing Van Cleef's head to a soldier in Westfall. The soldier shouts across the zone that I, Rambette, am the savior of Westfall.

Emotions, lots of emotions. First of all, I'd like to thank God, and my parents. I was proud, bashful, and even a bit sentimental. My time is done in Westfall, and now I'll move on to greener pastures. Before I got too teary-eyed though, a guy came up to the same soldier, spoke a few brief words, then I see the zone-wide message:

"All hail Hotballz, savior of Westfall!"




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