Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Waxing Philosophical and Pet Peeve #1

Does time exist?

I'm not so sure anymore. If the entire world were the color red, we would have no concept of red (or color?). Can the same be said of time? It is all around us, never ending, never stopping, never slowing down or speeding up. Why do we have a concept of time? We even have concepts of time slowing down and speeding up! The sun rises and sets, people grow older, and email boxes fill up--but wouldn't those things continue to happen without any concept of time? Hmmm...

In other news, I found quite possibly my biggest pet peeve this weekend.

My most amazing days are when I have absolutely nothing planned, or no expectations for whatever is going on, and outstanding things happen. Maybe I'll be on a little motorcycle ride and just want to zip around for a bit, and I get treated to a perfect sunset. When I got surprised on my birthday with a trip to the Oregon Coast... and all my friends were there.

On the flip side, when I have expectations and nothing happens, it is the pits. Even though I still had a fun weekend, at some point in my Friday night, I distinctly remember Jessica inviting me to a cheese festival, and thinking that would be the best way possible to spent a sunny Saturday evening. I had planned on either going to a Cheese festival with Jessica, or hanging out with Andrew who called me Saturday morning, saying he was in town.

When the BBQ finished up around 6pm, I gave Andrew a call and we talked about either hanging out or heading to the cheese festival with Jessica. I call Jessica and leave a message. Dink around on the internet for the next few hours, get a little bit of writing for class done. I'm not very interested in drinking, but give Andrew a call to see if he is just hanging out at the Montlake house for the night. Voicemail. No call back. Blah. Turns out he was just hanging out playing rock band with the guys, but at the time I called him they were out kicking the soccer ball around Montlake. Double-blah.

Monday rolls around, and I meet up at Sarah's to carpool to class. Sarah and I are waiting outside her house for Natalie to show up. Sarah ends up calling Natalie about 10 minutes after we are supposed to leave and Natalie says, "I'm not coming to class today, whoops, forgot to call you guys" ... grr!

Being stood up sucks. Even if it means you stay in Saturday night when you probably should anyways, or that you get to class on time instead of ten minutes early.



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