Sunday, May 18, 2008

In My Free Time...

Week and a half of no posting, I'll get to it in my free time.

"I'll get to that in my free time" has become a running joke between my boss and I over the past few weeks. The saying means there is no way in hell we'll get to whatever you want us to do. Nobody at the office has had free time over the past two months, but I will in three weeks... gave my three-week notice this week, WOOO!!! Boss left on a 2 1/2 week vacation on Thursday, so it will be smooth sailing into my summer classes at UWB.

What's that? How was my Friday night? Spent dry heaving at 3am outside Jessica's little sister's house, how was your Friday night?

Must have had a good night up until that point. Yup. If I remember correctly (big if!), we walked over to Pies & Pints around 9pm or 10pm with the intention of playing some pool. Next thing I know, it is 3am and I am trying to go to sleep in the grass outside her sister's house. We did switch bars at one point, and I think today's headache may have to do with the fact that we switched from pints to pitchers at the new bar.

The day after a good spew is always very reflective for me. Why did I drink that much? I honestly didn't mean to, and I don't remember acting belligerent, but as soon as Jessica and I got back to her sister's house and sat down, my intoxication spiked. I excused myself to the couch on the front porch and was literally a second from ralphing into the bushes below when Jessica came outside to send me off. I tried to hold it together, but the only thing I could think of was the warm liquid steadily collecting in my mouth: the tell-tale sign that I am about to puke my guts out. I don't even remember saying goodnight, but I darted off around the corner and went to town on her sister's (eventually cozy) grassy yard.

The sight, smell and even thought of alcohol made me sick today. The fact that I was hosting a BBQ and was offered a beer two dozen times didn't help. We spent some time watching a Ninja Warrior marathon (it is as cool as it sounds), but a commercial popped up and it had two cartoon characters puking. I felt the bile start to creep up my throat and had to change the channel back to Family Feud. I was having a rough "morning," but when Jeremy stumbled in at about 1:30pm looking and acting 10x more hungover than me, I started to feel better.

I'm looking forward to Jessica's recap over at her slowly deteriorating blog, I hope her morning wasn't as bad as mine... but if it was, I hope she blogs about it! I recall winning all the pool games, and now she has to be beer bitch the next three times we meet up... at least I think that is how the bet went?! She moved from Juneau to T-town this weekend, so those meet ups will occur frequently! Although again, it may be a week before I touch any alcohol.

Free time at 2am on a Sunday morning. This shit is whack.

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