Thursday, May 01, 2008

Funniest Post of 2008

Not my post, but this post last week from Gordon Greene over at Uncle Chuck and Friends had me in hysterics. Here is a snipet that still has me laughing a week later. He's talking about his pot addiction in terms of Britney Spears (or any generic big girl) and her ho-hos:

When she's fighting it, every night that fat chick thinks, "Nah, I shouldn't eat that. It's bad for me." And then she thinks, "Well, maybe just one." And then she thinks, "Nyum nyum nyum nyum. These are so delicious. I'm so fat. Cry cry cry. Nyum nyum nyum."

LOL!!! Gordon hit it on the freaking nose!

Then Friday afternoon, while everyone is sitting around at work waiting for the weekend, Cayne decides to comment on my post about Jessica, Secrets, Death and Poker:

Be aware that this post has lead me to speculate wild facts about your friend Jessica! In lieu of receiving the actual secret revealed I'm jumping to random conclusions, including but not limited to: -her contracting the bird flu after an unfortunate recent meal at the local KFC... -her taking a photograph of a mysterious high level international criminal, resulting in a contract being placed on her head, and entering a witness protection program that's required her to change identities and move far far away. -her having started a recent affair with a popular politician which has lead to receipt of death threats from said politician's significant other. -Recent mysterious bug bite has lead to discovery of random super powers. ...

And Cayne... for the record, you are right. One of those is close... very close.

Thanks for the laughs!



Blogger RaisingCayne said...

It was the 'super powers' one huh?! I knew it! Well, do your best to persuade her into the career of a superhero, not supervillain. Thank you.

And I did really enjoy that Uncle Chuck post, thanks for the link.

Hey... check your e-mail. Hope you'd consider makin' it down on the 17th. (And we'll get a home game planned soon enough too.)

Have a good weekend!!!

10:16 AM  
Blogger Jessica said...

Actually, all of the conclusions are correct!

Well done.

5:10 PM  

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