Thursday, April 10, 2008


My classes have been going well over the past two weeks. I got home from class last night to catch the final two tables of the Mookie, while I watched a few streaming episodes of Survivor on The recognizable faces in poker blogging showed up to play last night, and the final four were Waffles, LJ, Hoy and Vinnay. Lots of hype for Hoy to take this bad boy down for the first time ever, but he got fancy with J5o and gifted his chips to LJ.

It got down to Waffles and LJ, and Astin and I made a side bet on the O/U of when the game would end. Astin only set the bar at 5 minutes. I quickly took the over, with the loser not being able to blog about food for the next week. Whenever the loser has the inkling to talk about food, instead he has to talk about hockey. Heads up lasted a good 30 minutes, and boy was my BAGEL WITH BUTTER good this morning! I added apple juice on the side to step things up a notch, and the apple from concentrate really added to the meal as a whole. I look forward to my two sandwiches for lunch and dinner. Turkey, cheese, sandwich. MMM FOOOOD.

I dreamed about Hoy last night.

Hoy was a she, and she just got called down into contestants row on the Price is Right. She wasn't whooping and hollering like some contestants--she was all business. Bob Barker's lovely ladies brought out a cubic zirconium diamond necklace to bid on. The other three contestants got their bids in, and lady-Hoy tilted her head down to the microphone and said, "$9126." And I could just tell that she knew the exact price of the necklace.

Bob Barker: "The actual retail price is... $9125!"

Ouch. It just wasn't Hoy or she-Hoy's night tonight.



Blogger Astin said...

I suppose I could just not read here for a week....

Or I could COMMENT about my homemade banana bread for breakfast and probiotic raspberry yogurt. Churrasco chicken sandwich at lunch, and a fair-trade organic banana and fuji apple for a snack. No idea what I'll have for dinner yet, but I'm sure it'll be good. I'll be sure to COMMENT here (not blog) about it later. :)

12:53 PM  

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