Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools and First Day of Class

Cut off all my hair today. It was starting to get a little too shaggy for my liking, so it had to go! My big, lovable, floppy ears are out again. I missed them. When I was growing up, my main priority was to cover the big guys up--whether it be a mushroom or "bowl" haircut, a hat, a hoodie--I was never gonna get the girl with my two huge ears. It couldn't have been my social awkwardness or skinny frame, pimply face or the fact that I ran away whenever a girl actually showed interest... nah, it must have been the ears.

Like the rest of you lame bloggers, I thought up some good stories to go with my lack of hair, but didn't actually follow through. You guys are too smart, and I am way too lazy to try and pull a fast one over on the day everyone is on their toes not to get tricked. Kidnapped by white supremacists, joined the Army, got beaten to a pulp and they shaved my head in humiliation... or maybe it is just my quarterly hair cut.

I filled up the sink with hair, but I didn't want to track hair all over the house to grab the camera and take a picture. I didn't plan to cut off all my hair, I started shaving and sorta just kept on going, or else that camera definitely would have been out.

My first night of class at UW-Bothell was amazing. I learned some time in college that I enjoy classes for three reasons:

1) I like the professor. The subject could be an audio-video lecture on the progress of glaciers over the last month--but if Jeff Matthews (my college advisor) was teaching the class, I'd enjoy it.

2) The material. A senior-level class on the mating habits of the Kappa Kappa Phi sorority, regardless of the professor, I am going to enjoy.

3) My classmates. This is sort of broad. I could be in a class with a good friend and enjoy it, even if the professor isn't great and the material is dull. Also, if the class is filled with gorgeous ladies or funny and witty people, I tend to enjoy it much more than another class.

My UW-Bothell cohort has all three. The professor for this first class is amazing. She loves technology and I can actually create a blog to write a journal for the class. She's got an iPhone and her new favorite thing to do is check out fellow teachers' blogs. Before the class started, she was reminiscing about a 2 1/2 hour Bruce Springstein concert, and pushing her way to the front. She knows her stuff, and is quick to point out other sides of a discussion if we start to get side tracked.

The material I am interested in, pretty much the newest theory of teaching and self discovery of if we are truly ready to teach. I think I am, but we'll see at the end of the quarter.

A distant third would be the makeup of the cohort. Five guys, 30 women, and holy Bacon are there some lookers. And some incredibly funny guys and gals, and some very serious guys and gals. We've got it all, and I can't wait to start diving into the material... once I get my books...which the UW-Bothell bookstore didn't have...



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