Saturday, April 12, 2008

First Day of Spring

What an absolutely gorgeous day. Up here in the Pacific Northwest, we're known around the world for our rainy weather. We like that image.

Does it rain in Seattle? Yup. All the time. You wouldn't want to live here, hit the road, buddy. That's what we tell Californians.

Now sure, it does rain here a lot during the rainy season, but then we get weird days like today. All week it had rained off and on, and the temperature couldn't have gotten above 55 degrees. For some reason, today was 70 degrees and I do believe I got a bit sunburned at ultimate. I optimistically checked the weather just now for tomorrow, and it is back to 55 and a few showers. Next weekend?

High of 44 degrees and chance of snow...

In poker news, the bankroll is reaching critical levels, and I may be joining Mrs. Chako in her bankroll management method.

Classes are going well. John from the teaching program was at ultimate today, and we eventually got to chatting about the program. So far, there has just been reading, writing and discussion. Nothing too time-consuming or crazy. The professors have been testing the students a bit in class, trying to let us know what we're getting into. Some of the students are getting a bit squeamish, but I think John and I are pretty similar when it comes to our personal goals for teaching. It is really the only thing I can think of that fulfills all of my wants in a job. Having a cushy job, or a job that makes a ton of money isn't high on my list, and those could easily be two of the biggest factors for people not wanting to teach.

John also invited me to play in a basketball game Thursday night after class. He plays with a bunch of guys (and a few good women ballers) Tuesday-Thursday nights, at a gym that he's got keys to. The game is a little on the late side for work nights, 9pm-11pm, but any other time wouldn't fit into either of our schedules. It is pretty much the exact scenario I was looking for. I was thinking about getting some friends together for a summer basketball league team, but my friends are scattered all over Seattle--trying to coordinate everyone for a league team would suck. Pickup basketball is perfect.

Thursday night was a lot of fun. It was my first time playing a pickup game since last summer in Tahoe. I didn't make it in time for the first game of the night, but I got into the second game and my (relatively stacked) team held court for the rest of the night. The only woman in the gym was on my team, and she had played college ball, and had a sweet jumper. She must have hit 6-7 3-pointers during the course of our 4 games.

Friday night I went out with friends to another Magic tournament. This time we headed up to Edmonds, and I got my ass handed to me once again. I didn't win a single game all night long. It was doubly frustrating, because I had some decent cards, but just got outplayed. Think I'll take a break from these tournaments--they were fun, but I could find much more enjoyable ways to get spanked for $15.



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