Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Final Countdown

Finished writing my first final paper last night, and I've got another final paper to write and an integrated curriculum to create this coming weekend. Winding down after school and work tends to involve anything but writing. Hoping to change that this summer, especially with T-minus seven days left at work.

I got back from class tonight at around 9pm and it was still quite light outside. Sunlight tells the seasons in Seattle, not the weather. I'm really looking forward to getting out camping this summer, especially with the possibility of four-day weekends. I've sorely missed getting out and taking pictures. Leaving the city and hitting the trails with my camera will happen soon, very soon.

As for hiking and camping later in the summer, I have an idea for a really fun weekend. Find a campground 5-10 miles in, and call it base camp. I can spend 3-4 nights there with my extended weekends this summer, but friends who don't have the luxury of 4-day weekends can hike in and just stay for a night or two. With a base camp, we can go on day hikes to peaks or lakes in the area, without having to lug our full backpacks with us. I can see heading up with a buddy on Thursday afternoon and spending Thursday through Monday up in the Cascades, while more friends come on the weekend to meet up miles from civilization.



Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Neat ideas on the camping/hiking adventures. And there's definitely all sorts of options to do so around here! (I.E... the hot springs up on the Olympic peninsula, the many trails and remote lakes on Mt. Rainier, not to mention all the options in the Mountains off of I90 or Hwy2.)

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