Saturday, March 01, 2008

1982 Back Rubs

I set out to splurge on Friday night, and I accomplished my goal. The acceptance into the UW-Bothell program is both a beginning and an end. I'm in, and the tests I've taken, and the classes I've attended since last September have all paid off. From my initial epiphany in Tahoe one night last summer, to a few days ago when I got my acceptance letter, I always thought there might be some big, unforeseen road block in my way to becoming a teacher. That still might be the case, but from this point forward, the train is on the tracks, and I just need to give the train some momentum and it will start chugging along.

These next 16 months are going to be rough, and I will need to be cheaper than Uncle Scrooge in order to survive. Going out and spending a lot of money doesn't make the most sense, but I had good company last night, and decided one last hurrah! was in order...

Princess Leia and I went out to Anthony's on Shilshole for a late dinner, and ended up running up a $115 dinner bill. Not even close to the most expensive meal ever eaten at Anthony's, but end bill was more than double the most expensive meal I've ever paid for. We had an amazing (and relatively cheap, for the location) $30 bottle of white wine to go with our borderline orgasmic crab cakes. Those two were the highlights of the meal. The entrees weren't nearly as memorable as the crab cakes and wine. I had my heart set on the Ahi, but Anthony's was all sold out.

We came back to the house, looking forward to the hot tub. I had talked with my parents earlier in the day, and I hinted at the possibility of opening a bottle of my birth-year wine. I asked Mom if Dad would kill me if I opened a bottle of 1982 wine. She responded by quoting my father as saying, "I expect 1982 back rubs in return!"

I agreed, but on the condition that those back rubs don't accrue interest.

I picked out a bottle of Bordeaux, from 1982, and I was extremely excited to pop open the cork and taste the best wine I've ever tasted. Unfortunately, the wine was terrible. Princess was almost certain the wine had gone bad, most likely by getting oxygenated. The cork split in two, hot dog style, after pulling it out from the neck of the bottle, and it didn't look in great shape. The wine was potent, but in an old paint-can way, not in the "pitcher of amazing beer" potency. We let the bottle of wine breathe unintentionally, by getting distracted by the call of the hot tub.

I am in such a weird spot lady-wise. Last night was exactly what I wanted, and the friendship with Princess Leia seems like a typical friends with benefits relationship--one that I've never experienced before, and never really had a desire to be a part of. I'm not really sure I want to continue the benefits side of the friendship, because I have a feeling it will lead to oddness in the future. I've told her I'm not looking for a relationship, and I'm fairly certain she isn't looking for a relationship (at least not with me), which makes the friendship odd. I think we'd be perfectly fine just being friends, but since neither of us is seeing anyone--and we are physically attracted to each other--it only makes sense to enjoy ourselves.

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