Sunday, February 24, 2008

Seattle Seasons

2008-02-24- Sunny Afternoon 014

This image was my favorite from tonight's batch. Everyday growing up, the sun's blinding light would illuminate our kitchen. When I was much younger, we used to eat at the kitchen table every night. In the winter, the sunset had come and gone long before we sat down to eat. The sun wasn't a problem, but with a dark, reflective window in front of me, I could never resist making faces at myself. For some reason, Mom didn't find this funny.

Certain times of the year, it was nearly impossible to eat dinner at the kitchen table--the entire kitchen was brighter than the sun. We'd escape and take our meals into the living room and eat in front of the TV. Dad would usually get nominated to close the kitchen door as the sun descended, blinding the unfortunate fool eating their meal on the couch (usually me).

On the longest day of the year--Summer Solstice, June 21st, my sister's birthday, my original due date, every few years Father's Day--the setting sun wouldn't disrupt our dinner. Not by a long shot. The sun didn't set until 9:30pm or later. On the day before my ninth birthday, a few days after Summer Solstice, I remember finding it impossible to get to sleep. I was giddy with anticipation for the fun, chocolate cake, presents, friends, mini golf and arcade games the next day. It was hard enough to fall asleep with all those thoughts running through my head, but the sun still shining brightly behind my closed curtains made it nearly impossible.

Despite popular opinion, Seattle does have its seasons. They just aren't measured by drought or snowfall. The seasons in Seattle are measured by sunlight... least on the days we get to see it through the clouds.

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