Sunday, February 17, 2008

Lesbians, Hot Tubs and Motorcycle Racing

Well, other than the slight fabrication of lesbians (there was only one), the title says it all for my weekend. I'm falling deeper into degeneracy than I thought. Fun, though!

Princess Leia is back in action for the weekend, and we decided on a little dinner date on Friday to plan out a motorcycle ride today (Sunday). I offered to "cook" Indian food, so after work on Friday, I came home, hopped on my bike, and headed down to Trader Joe's to pick up rice, naan and the Indian food packets. I say "cook" because it is pretty much stick packet into boiling water for five minutes, then serve. That's cooking in my book, but Leia was anticipating me slaving over the meal for hours prior to her arrival--hah, yeah right!

Anyways, on my quick ride down to Trader Joe's, I pass through University of Washington's "frat row." I give a head nod to a scooter rider who is waiting to come out of the alley just west of 17th street. He nods back. A minute later, I'm stopped at a red light, waiting to turn left, when the scooter kid comes up behind me and says,

"Hey! I bet I could beat you in a race."

First of all, it had just rained--second of all--who says that?!

"I bet you could too," I respond.

"Yeah, I'd kick your ass in a race," he says.

Now, this isn't some big guy on a bigger bike, it is a little punk kid on a scooter. I know scooters are faster off the line, and I'm not about to race this kid on a wet Seattle street during rush hour. I try and ignore him, then I realize that I'm about 90% sure this kid is all talk. I turn around and say,

"Turn left and we'll see."

He breaks eye-contact and says,

"...nah, I'm going straight."

Now, I wasn't about to race the guy if he turned left, but it was nice to see him go from thinking he was the king of the road on his little scooter, to shriveling back down to earth.

Leia and I wound up in the hot tub after finishing off a bottle of wine and our Punjab eggplant. We traded massages, and it was slightly misting rain--which you could only feel if you concentrated, and I was having a hard time concentrating. Being in a hot tub with a very attractive half-naked lesbian is quite possibly the biggest tease in the world, especially one who likes to include kisses in her massages. But hey, I'll admit to liking a good tease every now and then...

On Saturday, we found a group motorcycle ride for today, that goes up around Whidbey Island. We get to take a ferry, and it is supposed to hit 60 degrees today, which would be ten degrees warmer than any other day in the past three months. I've got my camera, and you bet your ass there will be pictures up tonight.

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Blogger BrainMc said...

"half naked"

Top half or bottom half?

I see this adventure as a classic race situation. You are either going to double up or get felted. Have fun and be careful. How's that for a coin flip.

6:02 AM  
Blogger The Wife said...

My husband is never allowed to come visit you without me - I think the dream of half naked lesbians in his hot tub (ones that ride, too?) are only eclipsed by his dream of me in the hot tub with half naked lesbians! Ha!

He would consider you a lucky man.

Have a great sunny day!

3:05 PM  
Blogger TitansFan said...

What a vivid picture you implanted in my head. I wont go into detail like you did but picturing a hot lesbian in my Hot Tub is nice. Keep on keepin on!

2:32 PM  

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