Sunday, February 03, 2008

What a Game! What a Weekend!

It feels great to call the big upset and have it come to fruition. It feels even better when you raise the stakes and win a bank-busting two dollar bet with one friend, and a 20 push-up bet with another. I was supremely confident in my bet, because I got 3 1/2 points on both of my bets for the underdog Giants, and everyone knows the Patriots only win by 3 points! If the Pats had scored on a last-second play, with no time left on the clock, do they still kick a P.A.T.?!?

I really did think the Giants stood a fair chance, hence the "Go Giants!" I hollered about 20 times at the donkarama on Friday night. Eli has been a completely different QB this year in the playoffs, and the front four on the G-Men's line is just amazing. The way they man-handled the Patriot's offensive line, arguably one of the best O-lines in the league, proves how great they are.

Saturday night was a little crazy. Josh and I headed to Pies and Pints, where Renee and Tyler showed up shortly after our arrival. Ten minutes later, Renee's friends Regine, Lisa and Angela joined us. Renee was trying to play match-maker and hook Angela and I up, which is usually kind of annoying... but Renee didn't make it too apparent, and Angela and I hit it off. After a pie, a pint, and a few rounds of pool, we all headed back to my place, where Marc was busy watching American Gladiators.

We played Liar's Dice for a few rounds, which is an amazingly fun game--but a little nuts with 8 people. Then we switched it up to Asshole, and the rest of the night got blurry in a hurry. I remember hot tubbing, and I remember getting to know Angela better... we'll see what happens there?

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Blogger Schaubs said...

"getting to know Angela better" is just so vague...


nice one, I agree, I was taking the Giants from the words "defense wins championships"

12:41 PM  
Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Sounds like a nice weekend. Congrats on Friday's little poker win, Saturday's pleasant encounter, and Sunday's football victory! You're on a roll. Hope it stops prior to Saturday's home game. Hope to see ya there.

9:29 AM  

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