Monday, January 14, 2008

Communal, Anonymous Blog?

First a quick, dirty and non-creative weekend recap:

Friday night. Saw "Juno" in a completely packed Pacific Place theater with Tyler and Renee. We ended up sitting in the 3rd row because that was the only place with three consecutive seats available. I love me some front-row viewing, but girls don't for some reason. Girls suck. Great movie though, this movie has it all--and as Jeremy pointed out on Saturday, if you see movies with the wife or a girlfriend, it counts as a "chick flick," so you get to see a good movie and pick the next movie you guys get to see, too--boo-yah!

Saturday, watched the Seahawks get decimated at the frozen tundra. I'm not happy the Seahawks lost, but if they had to lose in the playoffs, losing to Green Bay in a blizzard is a good way to go out. Gotta root for the Packers from here on out! Got some more Magic in at Jeremy's after the Hawks game, then headed out bowling with Tyler, Nene and friends. The wait-list for lanes was like two hours long, so we had a few drinks then left without bowling and headed back to T's place and played his board game, I got decimated.

Sunday, I had planned on going on an early morning moto-ride with Leia, but we called it off the night before and I had a nice hangover until noon. Josh H. came up from Tacoma and we watched the Cowboys/Giants game at the RAM at U-Village, then headed up to Tessa and Jared's for some Rockband. It was my first time playing, and I can see the addiction. Much like Guitar Hero, but more cooperative. So not only are you addicted to the game itself, but you want to do good and play more so your friends can get better and want to play more... it is a vicious cycle.

Today, I had an interview at US Bank near Northgate, and I start either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on when I can get fingerprinting done. Lots of busy work, office stuff, but I'm just looking to build up the college bankroll, so lots of work is what I'm after. Northgate is also a pretty ideal spot for me to work, as it is less than 10 minutes away and less than a mile from NSCC for my Monday/Wednesday night classes. Get off work, grab a bite to eat, get a little workout in, then go to class.

On a more creative note, I'm jonesing to write more, and I've been thinking about writing a lot over this past week. Story ideas pop in and out of my head, but I never actually start writing. Everything from epic novels to classroom lesson plans pop into my head while walking somewhere or trying to get to sleep. Most of it is garbage, but there have been a few good ideas in there, and I've failed to follow through on any of them--so that is frustrating.

This blog is pretty much just a journal/recap for me to look back on in the future, which lends itself to some pretty mundane writing. I remember writing about it a while ago, but one day in Tahoe I sat down and went through some of Pauly's old blog posts and some of his very first posts have the same feel as a lot of my blog entries--i.e. blah and mundane--but then somewhere he decides to stop just recapping, and he actually starts writing. Sort of like a singer singing as opposed to just speaking the words of a song. Pauly still does his share of recapping, but I've noticed he doesn't just write, "and then Josh and I went up to Tessa and Jared's to play Rock Band." He'll mention a funny tidbit about the trip, or something memorable from the afternoon, instead of just stating the fact that a trip was made.

Speaking of... I sang. And it was bad. Real bad. I felt like I was playing 15-16 year old basketball again, the number of times my voice cracked trying to sing Radiohead's "Creep." The song starts out nice and soft, and relatively low--but in the middle somewhere, the lead singer just starts to WAIL. I'm not good at wailing. I'm not great at singing soft and low either, but trying to hit high notes on Rock Band is about as easy as telling red and green apart for my colorblind ass.

That said, I had a blast. I was sort of glad it was just Josh, Jared, Tessa and I, because if there were people I didn't know hanging out, I'd probably pull up the shell and turn into shy-guy Chris and stick to drumming and guitaring. With just the four of us, we all sang, all played the GEE-tar, and I'm pretty sure everyone got to bash the drum kit for a few songs. There was wine, plenty of laughs at ourselves and each other, and at American Dad toward the end of the night--good times.

I'm not quite sure if I want to turn this blog into a more writing-focused journal, and less stating of the obvious, but I do want to fill my creative writing somehow. I've tossed the idea of an anonymous collaborative blog around with a few friends, but they all want to have different topics. Ranging from anonymous erotic stories to an exclusive poetry blog. I like poetry and an erotic story from time to time, but I'm not sure I could do one or another for an extended period.

Is anyone else interested in starting up a communal anonymous blog? I think the interest is probably out there, but I need help nailing down a subject for the blog. I guess if there was enough interest, the subject could just be "Things I would feel safer posting anonymously." As I was reading through a lot of fellow bloggers' New Years Resolutions, one resolution kept re-appearing, which was "Tell it like it is."

Waffles was one of the first, and he mentioned how he wanted to be the guy to speak up when a douche or douchette cuts in line. Now... online, at least... Waffles is quite the outspoken dude, but I can see how he wants to let a little of his online persona make its way into his real life. The bluntness is obviously there, he just has to figure out what line (if any) he isn't willing to cross.

For all of us, I think the line gets drawn in different places. My grandmother's Swedish Baptist line was probably much more defined and closer to home than the line I'd draw. And certain things I'm not willing to do or say in public, other people just laugh at and say without a care in the world. A communal anonymous blog is just a baby step in the direction of "telling it like it is," but it might just be the step a few of us need to get started on that goal.

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Blogger Zeem said...

Well aren't we a little anonymous already?

I'd be down for some collaborative stuff, but I don't have a need for anonymity.

Write for yourself. If it's any good , people can find it.

Hope to see you soon. I promise not to take any satisfaction in destroying your will to play poker at the home game.


6:53 AM  
Blogger meanhappyguy said...

So yeah, last night after I hit publish on this post, I sat on the "Thinking Throne" and realized the whole purpose of the anonymous blog is to eventually cut out the anonymity. And you're right, we are pretty anonymous already.

One thing that hits close to home for me is that if I become a teacher, a kid or parent can type my name into Google, and this blog and my friends blogs with links to this blog by my name are listed. I find myself already censoring the things I say in this blog for that reason.

As for the collaborative side, I'm thinking about just opening up a blog and giving out the login info to people interested in writing on the blog. That way, you can end a post with -Z if you want your identity to be known, or just leave out a signature.

11:32 AM  
Blogger Uncle Chuck said...

Wee'd gladly take you in.

11:58 AM  

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