Thursday, January 10, 2008

Back to Work

What's the worst that could happen? *chuckle*

I love that line.

I started a short-term temp assignment at Children's Hospital today, working with "Chef Walter" in the cafeteria. My job is to get all the menus set up for the coming year. They have a weekly rotating system every five weeks, with different foods served in different cycles for each week. There are four different mediums the menus need to be updated with, including a plain word document, to post every week. There is a Powerpoint version for the TV-screens in the cafeteria and presumably other areas of the hospital. There is a MICROS system that syncs up with the cafeteria cash registers, and there is also an Excel document that needed to be upgraded with the changes.

Changes to the menu didn't include any food alterations, but plenty of price hikes. Pretty simple stuff, and my years of online gaming have honed my mind-numbing button-mashing skills to near perfection. By lunch, I had finished with about 75% of the work that was supposed to last me until the end of tomorrow. I thought about slowing way down, but decided a good recommendation from the chef would probably be worth more than an extra day's pay.

On a completely random and coincidental side note, I ran into my ex Sara while I was finishing up my lunch. Last I heard, she was off to Montana to work on her Residency. I knew she was coming back to Seattle in January sometime, but I didn't know she'd be working at Children's. I actually thought about giving her a call the other day, seeing when she'd be back in town. It was almost as crazy as meeting her randomly at Greenlake back in August/September.

I get back from lunch and start entering data into MICROs, which I can only do from the chef's computer. Ten minutes later, I'm all finished with my work for two days. I head back to my little conference room computer that I had been working on in the morning, to check over my work and add some time to the clock... when I get a knock on the door.

It's the chef.

"You didn't change any prices in MICROS, did you?!?"

"Me? No..." I can't tell if he is joking or not, I'm pretty sure he is just messing with me.

"If not you, then who?! The cashiers are yelling about price changes on the system. You didn't change the items for today, did you?"

Uh oh.

"Umm, I made all the changes to MICROS like you told me to."

"You were only supposed to do the changes to weeks 1, 4 and 5! Get back to my computer and fix it!"




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