Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

After a pretty lackluster few days at the end of last week, the weekend was a lot of fun. I went to the UW Men's Basketball game on Saturday and got to see a terrible fundamental display, but our team was raining 3's, so that is always fun. There was a Special Olympics game at half-time, and even one of those dudes made a shot from about 28ft out, and the place went berserk!

Speaking of berserk, a few friends (who may or may not remain nameless) and I got together on Sunday to watch the Seahawks game, play some ping pong, drink some beers, and play some Magic. The Seahawks game was pretty boring to watch, because we were up 27-0 at one point, I think. The ping pong was a lot of fun, and my winning streak is now at 4 games. Drinking beers is always good times. Oh, what was that last one again? Magic?

That's right! Magic! When we were in middle school, Magic was all the rage. We'd go to school, go play frisbee, then hang out at Marc's house playing Magic until dinnertime. Of course, as we grew older and more interested in girls, our Magic hobby took a backseat. But now that the guys are getting married and settling down (well, except for me), the Magic bug is biting! I dusted off my old cards and we played for a good 5 hours or so on Sunday, and I got whooped--just like the good ol' days. In one game I managed to kill both myself and Tyler, with a 10-point hurricane, because I would have lost on the next turn anyways. It was a moral victory.

After Magic, Tyler and I went out bowling, and I continued my losing ways there. I was up big in the 2nd and deciding game, then squandered my lead in the final frame. I lost the bet and either had to karaoke or do 20 push-ups. My arms hurt this morning.

Saturday night, Josh invited me down to the 2nd Annual Sarah and Sean Festivus Party, which was also a blast. Lots of good food and drink, and lots of fun frisbee people from Tacoma to hang out with and rock the guitar hero with.

In conclusion, I have more fun hanging out with friends and doing stuff, than sitting at home playing video games. But, I have been working on a big YEAR 2007 review post, which should be done by the time 2008 rolls around.

Have a good Holiday season!



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