Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fantasy Football, 2007

The playoffs started last week for my fantasy football league. The league is comprised of some of my good friends here in Seattle, then another group of Scott, his wife, and his wife's mom and sister. The 12 of us got cut down to 8 for the playoffs, and I squeaked in at 7th. Tyler had the 8 seed.

For the first week of playoffs, Tyler was up against the 12-1 Tristan "Milraukee Cow Tippers" who dominated the league. Tristan had Romo, Moss, Adrian Peterson and a few other big-time fantasy studs this year. Tyler didn't change his squad the entire year, hell, he let auto-draft pick his team, and he still somehow managed to make the playoffs.

And he beat Tristan in the 1st round! What??? One of his guy's was out this week, and he still beat the number 1 team in our league. It helped that Adrian Peterson only had 3 yards rushing, but who would have thought? Of course, I picked Tyler to win the game, because I always root for the underdog!

Not to be out-done, I was down 35 points going into the Monday night game in my 7v2 game against Jeremy. But I wasn't scared, Drew Brees and Marques Colston put up huge numbers and carried me to victory!

This week, I have to dispatch the #3 ranked Scott, and Tyler needs to take care of #5 ranked Sam. If we both win, I win the last-longer bet made with Sam, Jeremy, Marc and myself--and win free dinner and booze! Gooo Tyler!



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