Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I fired up a 45-man SNG just now... let's see if I can intermittently live blog that SNG while putting up a little post about this weekend.

Unfortunately, I didn't get on TV for the football game on Thanksgiving. My friend Andrew did though, and he steam-rolled a few guys before getting gang-tackled, which I must admit, makes for good TV!

Saturday I played in a hat frisbee tournament over at Marymoor Park. I rode my motorcycle over to the fields at 8:30am, and it was a balmy 34 degrees. Brr! I had about five layers of clothes on, but my neck was frozen after driving over the 520 bridge. The tourney was a blast, we finished 4th out of 8 teams, but all of our games were tight, and my team was a lot of fun--which are the most important things for me at a hat tourney. Our team was actually never more than 3 points ahead or behind in any game we played.

(Update! Bluffed a river brick in a 3-way pot and took down a nice pot, up to 1,665)

There was a guy named Dan on the hat team who turns out to be on both of Princess Leia's teams. He's going down to Vegas next weekend as well to play in the Vegas tournament. I'm a bit jealous, and Vegas is officially not happening for me this winter. It is alright though, I have a meeting with my old college adviser to write a letter of recommendation for the teaching cert program. That, and I have finals the week after the winter gathering, and a weekend in Vegas just wouldn't be the best studying time...

(Update 2: Lost a couple hands, defended my BB w/ KTo against a 2.5x raise from MP. Ace on flop I bet at, get smooth called and give it up. Next hand I am in SB with K2o and see a flop with five others. 777, checked around. 2 on the turn, bet the pot, get called from BB, others fold. J on river, I check, he waits 15seconds then bets half the pot, I fold--Down to 1,030)

So yeah, two weeks of classes left, then finals. Middle East geography is pretty darned interesting. Never learned much about the Middle East geography when I was growing up. In math, we're starting in on Trig, and it makes a lot more sense now than it ever did before. I need to sign up for the night math class during the winter quarter.

Sunday was good times, Susie and I got together at about noon and had an afternoon of motorcycle maintenance. We changed the oil in our bikes and lubed up the chains. While we were waiting for the oil to drain, we shot some hoops at the court next to her place. We got a bit of disc tossing in as well. It was a nice, albeit a bit brisk, Seattle day. Any day it doesn't rain from November to June is nice, if you ask me.

I did an incredibly stupid thing when I started to change my oil. The bottom nut that holds in the oil is on there pretty tight, so you have to give it some pressure to loosen. I looked around, and saw that if I jammed the wrench hard, I'd probably whack my hand on the center stand. What do I do? Jam it hard and cut open my hand on the center stand... brilliant. It cut the back of my hand, which doesn't really affect anything, but it was dripping all over when we were playing basketball--kinda annoying.

After motorcycle maintenance, we were hungry and I offered a hot tub at my place if she was interested. She jumped at the hot tub opportunity, and we grabbed some Ezel's Fried Chicken on the way to my place. My parents were up for some Ezel's Chicken as well, so we grabbed a big bucket and brought it back to the house. We all ate some yummy chicken, then Leia and I hopped in the hot tub and much needed massages were had. I think friends is what the relationship is going to be, which I am completely fine with. Having a female friend to share massages with is never a bad thing for a single guy.

(Update 3: Card dead and stuck at 1,000)

I rode home from school yesterday and filled up the tank. When I got home, the odometer read 6666.6 miles. Not bad for six months of riding! I wanted to take a picture, but I forgot, balls.

I've been playing a ton of WoW lately, up to 63 on the Druid. My friends Tyler, Guang and Mike got me into their guild. It has been a while since I've had guild chat to entertain me. The guild has like 100 active members with level 70s, so there is lots of communication going on all the time. The leader of the guild is actually a guy we were all in a guild with back in the DAoC days, so I know some people from way back when.

In addition to all the fun I've been having, I got a call about a job opportunity at Children's Hospital. I have an interview on Friday afternoon, so hopefully all goes well and I'll have a job by Xmas to help pay for my schooling!

(Update 4: still at 1,000, M of 8 or so... gonna start pushing soon...)


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