Thursday, November 08, 2007

I'm doing Scrabulous! And you?

I'm up to five games of scrabulous at the moment. I'm just about to lose the first game I started against Michelle from Sacto. She is crushing me with words like "Jeu," "Qi," "Quids" and "Gruyeres" (for 3w score...).

Tessa and I have had two tight games, I won the first and she pulled away in the second dirty-word filled game. I made: "Mafia soul, Scot "Squinter" Haze, gags at any metal rod come fir 'is anus!" from the words we played.

Josh H. and I are also a pretty even match. We're down to zero tiles left to draw from, and we're trading the lead after every play...

Josh F. is a bitch. I start out the game with six consonants and a Y as my only vowel, so I pass to Faux and let him know about my sucky hand. He says, "So sorry to hear that. Prepare to die." Lol.

And I started up a game with D-Tran, but I think he's a little scared to play me.

Observation week has been going well over in Ballard. Anna runs a tight ship, especially for being almost five months preggers. I've been observing, then rushing to my two classes, then rushing back to the school to observe more in the afternoon. My geography prof failed the entire class on our last essay test. After telling us he failed us all, he handed back papers and mine said, "Pass+" on it. What is a pass+?

Motorcycle trip with "Leia" is getting finalized. The ferries around Seattle have a sweet discount for motorcycles, so we might head over to the Olympic Hot Springs and make a long day-trip out of it. Other option is to head northeast into the Cascades and have the cabin to stop at if the weather sucks. I'm jonesing to do both, but we'll see what happens.



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