Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A win! A win!

It took three hours and puts me right around minimum wage in the earnings department, but a win is a win! I placed first in a 90-person SNG yesterday afternoon, which felt doubly good after my crappy poker week last week. I've got a GoogleDocs spreadsheet going, like Kat, but I'm not sure if I want to make it public just yet. The win definitely bolstered my bankroll, but it is still a minuscule roll at best.

I'm trying the Fergie Challenge, but I just started with the money left on my Full Tilt account. And I added a few rules.

1) Never buy into a MTT with more than 2% of my bankroll, unless it is $1.
2) Never buy into a SNG with more than 5% of my bankroll, unless it is $1.
3) Must leave a cash table when 10% of my bankroll is in front of me.
4) Must concentrate solely on poker while playing.
5) Must focus on making correct decisions, and not worry about outcomes--regardless of the buy-in amount (same amount of focus at a free-roll and a Sunday Million).

I should have a lot of fun with this, because I don't feel any pressure to work up a bankroll quickly. I feel like this is the way I want to leisurely play for a long time. I might not play poker everyday or even every week, but when I do play, I want to play smart and practice good bankroll management. If I do both of those things, I know I'll be able to continue having fun playing poker for a very long time.



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