Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's the Wherewithals! The Wherewithals!

Stacey's band played a show in Ballard last night, and they played good. Not to say they weren't good when I last saw them about a year ago, but Tessa put it best by saying the band sounds polished now. Hop over to Tessa's blog if you want to see pictures. My calves hurt by the end of their set, getting my standing-still groove on, and the more my calves hurt--the better the show!

Just waxed my in-class math test, but have to work on my take-home test now. It isn't due until Monday, but I'll be playing in the Hanford Hoowwwwl all weekend long. The tournament raised $4000 for the Special Olympics last year, hopefully we can best that this year. I've already arranged for Friday night to have two poker tournaments, and if you know ultimate tournaments, you know there will be copious amounts of drinking and fun had by all. Can't wait!

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Blogger Matt said...

Yes! I'm glad to see you're interested. I also have Raising Cayne & Seattle John tentatively on board. I don't know of many other Seattle bloggers other than Dr. Chako (off fighting some war somewhere) and Zeem, whom I've yet to contact.

The only other Seattle blogger I know is Schaefer. I remember from a previous post of yours that you're at least acquainted with him. Think he'd be interested?

I guess this is better discussed via email. Let me know at I'm eyeing mid-November for our first game.


12:45 AM  
Blogger waking jonas said...

it takes some muscle-building to get into standing shape for shows. it was a great set though!

5:31 PM  

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