Monday, October 29, 2007

Facebook Poking Spree

Facebook was all the rage this weekend, well, besides Ultimate and drinking and hot tubs and pools and saunas... and hacking the zombie ball... and heckling. But I do remember at least an hour in there spent looking at funny facebook pictures. D-Tran and Younger both tried to get me into the site a few months ago, but I resisted. Toss in a fun weekend where strangers became friends, and I'm all aboard!

Younger's friend invite was somehow still active from like June, so she's my only Facebook friend right now. I just went to Josh's page and poked a dozen or so people I recognized. I'm not sure if poking is what I'm supposed to be doing, but it seemed fun at the time. I couldn't poke Will, and I'm not sure why Will is unpokeable. Is that his super-power?

I wasn't about to get charged the ten-cent text message to verify my account as a real person, so I happily typed in the two account verification words every time I poked someone--laughing all the way to the bank! Some of the words were pretty funny, and could possibly be harbingers of doom for certain facebook individuals.

For instance, I believe Dylan's two-word account verification code was "vacate Bridgeport." Dylan, get the fuck out of Bridgeport, you're doomed! Sarah's was "value meditation." So she isn't a social sleeper, she was just deep in social meditation most of the weekend. Josh's was a fitting "(something) organized." And I think Andy's topped the cake: "Holla Back!"



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