Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ichi vs Snow, Round 3

Ichi didn't have any experience with snow growing up in Sacramento, so his first encounter with the white stuff came two years ago in Portland. Like most cats in snow for the first time, he tried to simultaneously swipe at and dodge the falling snowflakes. A cat in the snow for the first time is a favorite of mine, up there with dangling a piece of string off the edge of a couch and having kittens hurl themselves at it, and the always popular: feeding peanut butter to dogs.

Ichi got much more experience with snow in both Nevada City and Tahoe. He learned to not like snow very much. Smart cat. Whether or not he knows snow is a frozen form of his arch nemesis: water, I cannot say for sure. Today, when the blizzard dumped two inches of snow on Seattle, Ichi stayed inside.

Snow isn't the most amazing thing in the world, but when it falls in Seattle, it is a pretty big deal. Some years we don't get any snow in the city, and every so often we get a big dump. Today's two inches is by no means a big dump, but when the snow starts sticking, I've gotta reach for my camera. I stuck the photos up on Flickr. There are many more pictures of Ichi than the snow, because I had already been taking some photos of him the past few days. Tessa also got in on the snow picturing and stuck a few Maxwell Smart Wagner photos in for good measure.

A game to go along with a few pictures. See if you can match the caption with the photograph.

1) I hate you. I hate snow. I hate the flash on your camera. And once this plant grows leaves I am going to eat them.

2) Cocky high-school Ichi pose, looking slightly to the right of the camera.

3) Chris, buddy... my friend the laptop here told me, to tell you, that you play entirely too much World of Warcraft.

4) How much is that kitty in the window? (Free!)

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Blogger staceyface said...

4,3,1,2. yeah?

you guys got snow? i'm jealous. it snowed a little, but hasn't stuck yet. i know it's going to. and i know it's going to be on a day off of mine. because i'm going to make that happen.

we did have a super crazy rain storm all last weekend. squeak kept going to the door and meowing to get out and then looking outside and being like "nevermind." and we'd repeat that every 10 or 20 minutes if i was feeling up to it.

2:54 PM  

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