Saturday, December 15, 2007

#250, Moto Map Update

I'm already up to post #250 on this blog. Two-fifty comes down to a post every other day since June 2006. I was looking through my August 07' archive today for a picture of my Dad on our week-long hike along the John Muir trail, when I realized again how neat it is to have an online journal. Pictures, videos, and most importantly: thoughts. I can instantly be put in my own little time capsule and relive a bad beat from a poker hand, or the feeling of adventure on a backyard hike into the wilderness with Ichi in the Tahoe National Forest.

While I reminisced, I realized I never got around to updating my motorcycle map!

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The big addition was the Tahoe to Seattle trip I took with my Dad in August. I've made a trip both up to the cabin and down to Portland, and I'll likely make those trips again. One thing I notice while looking at this map is the absence of coast miles. I really wanted to hit highway 1 down in California near Santa Cruz, but never made it. This summer I plan to go on a number of hikes, bringing my camera along for the ride. I had fun doing it in Tahoe, and I know I can keep the tradition going in the Northwest like BrainMc alluded to in one of the old posts I reread today.

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lol. Go MHG!

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