Thursday, January 24, 2008

Whoa, Consistency! Unh! Get Down!

A post a day keeps the doctor away. That, and Guinness. Running low on Guinness though, luckily a Costco run is coming up this weekend. Parents are leaving on Tuesday, and I'll have the house (and hot tub) to myself for six weeks. I'm going to miss the company, but I might manage to have some fun without their presence. Super Bowl party in HD, ho ho ho! And I can pick up hot chicks and bring them back home for the next six weeks!

Anyone know any hot chicks? Anyone?

Ah hah! But yeah, having a bit more structure in my life (i.e. a job), has changed my actions quite a bit. Last week I was playing Guitar Hero, poker, Team Fortress 2, and just generally bumming it up until 2am. I haven't played any Guitar Hero or TF2 since Sunday, and I've only played a few short sessions of poker. I've been waking up at 7am, and going to bed around 11pm, so I've had to cut out the long jam sessions or TF2 killing sprees.

I'm happy to say that I have stuck to my plan of working up a sweat at least every other day. Tuesday and today I got home from work and lounged for a bit, had dinner, caught up on the blogosphere and my scrabulous matches, then ran on the treadmill while listening to James Brown and wearing a sweat band (to keep the ear buds in my misshapen ears).

That James Brown is one funky guy. I feel kind of sorry for him in a way, because he reminds me of Slurms McKenzie (Futurama). Slurms gets paid to party non-stop, and he ends up happily sacrificing himself to save Fry and the crew. If Futurama isn't your thing I hope you die 1000 deaths, Duff-man of the Simpsons might be an equal reference--but Duff-man is OK with partying and seems to be a conservative. I haven't done any research on James Brown, but from the YouTube clips I've seen, he seems to be enjoying his fame, even if it means partying, dancing and tweaking himself to death.

You can't argue he didn't have funk though. If you haven't seen the following YouTube video yet, hopefully it'll make you smile. I imagine a rich, married lady having James Brown over for private dance lessons and before the lessons begin, he's already in her pants.

"Oh James, *swoon* let me film you dancing in my studio~"

"Alright, baby! Unh! Get down!"

Of course, it was probably just his agent saying:

"James, do this video and there will be a kilo in your loft when you get home."


Oh, and you better believe I'm pulling out the Soul Train and Funky Chicken dances the next time I get a strike bowling.

Mashed Potata's, see ya lata!

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