Monday, February 11, 2008

Natural Selection, Please Kill Me Now!

I am a god-damned idiot.

Not that you didn't already know this, but today I did the stupidest thing since, well... since last Monday. OK, so I just realized I didn't post about the #1 stupid mistake in years, from last week. I was copying February data into January's spreadsheet, intending to save it as a new "February Loans" document. I clicked save. Oh shit.

Ooooh shit.

Do we have any backups of that data I just erased? No? Shit. Um...

I did end up finding an old spreadsheet that went through January 28th, but the data from the 29th to the 31st is gone forever. But don't tell anyone, because I don't think they've caught on just yet. I literally haven't made that mistake in a dozen years using Excel or Word, and I couldn't believe it.

On to today... oh god. It was bad. I really just wanted to crawl under my desk and hide for the rest of the day. Eventually, I realized that all the stupid, idiotic things that I do should probably just be the meat of this blog, because after I let it sink in, those posts are the most memorable. It sucks that it is me doing the dumb-ass stuff, I really wish I could have read about Brian buying a motorcycle last summer and not knowing what the fuck he was doing. Oh, man! Waffles just deleted an entire database by saving over it with nothing?! Ahhh hahaha!

But no, it was me. I've got the Simpson gene, and yes, shortly after my goof today, I imagined myself with a cooking pot on my head, running headlong into Bart and Homer while they wore helmets of their own.

On with it!

Monday starts off pretty good, actually. I wake up a little early and don't feel tired at all. I had a relaxing weekend, and capped it off last night by inviting Tessa and Jared over for some Indian food and a hot tub. They brought two bottles of their recently home-brewed Smokey Porter (yes, it is as good as it sounds), I "cooked" up some Indian, then we hopped in the hot tub for an hour or so. It was really an ideal way to wind down the weekend. Morning came, and I felt well rested and ready to tackle another week of work and school.

I get into the office an hour before my boss, because she lives out in the boonies. She walks in around 9:30am and says hi.

Hey Chris, how you doing?

Good, how was your weekend?

Oh, it was alright, I worked here a lot, like usual. How was your weekend?

It was fun, I rode the motorcycle down to Renton to play some poker. I also had an interview that went pretty well.


(what? what did I just say? did I just say that I had an interview? I've worked here for three weeks, and I just said I had an interview? Gotta cover my ass, quick!)

An interview for school, starting up in the Fall.


Boss: Oh...


I'm an idiot. Plain and simple. My boss knew I eventually want to go into teaching, but I gave the impression that the teaching thing is at least a year away. If I had been completely honest, they wouldn't have hired me for five months of temp work--she would have hired someone that sticks around after training. The interview was for school, but the school starts in a month--not in the Fall, and definitely not in a year or two, like my boss originally thought. I didn't need to say a god-damned thing, but I just blurt out, "HAY! HAD AN INTERVIEW THIS WEEKEND! GOOD TIME! GOOD TIME!"

Kill me now.

Karma is a bitch... I still love her though.

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Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Haha Moron!

8:41 AM  
Blogger BrainMc said...

That is a supreme "Oh shit" moment. Made me laugh though. Good luck.

10:26 AM  

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