Thursday, February 14, 2008

Plow and Hearth and Facebook

So, here I am, sifting through the mail this morning, when I come across a magazine titled "Plow and Hearth." I'm pretty sure Waffles and I are on the same wavelength with the title of this magazine. If you're not quite following, it involves Night Elves (or Blood Elves), a club for knocking said Elf out, protection, and a hearth stone.

Turns out, it is a gardening magazine. Less interesting.

In a completely unrelated topic (I assure you!), I keep meeting old friends on facebook, and it rocks. Although Astin has a point about the privacy issue, it has been a lot of fun connecting with old friends from as far back as middle school. The best find of the last week or so has to be my old intramural sports partner in crime, Jessica. We played just about every sport the IM department had to offer, and usually did alright (we had a string of 2nd place finishes). She's back in Alaska, and it turns out that she will be moving to Seattle in the summer. I've been dying to get out and play organized sports, and it is infinitely more fun (and much easier) to find a team with a stellar woman. Sports aside, it will be fun to have another non-married (yet...) friend in town.

One of my favorite memories with Jessica was a night we came up to Seattle and eventually found ourselves driving around central/south Seattle. We got the munchies and saw a 7-11 and decided slurpees (and hot dogs?) sounded good. I'm 6'1", and if she isn't 6', she's 5'11 3/4". We're ready to check out, slurpees in hand, waiting for a short, stout woman in front of us to finish checking out. She turns around and does a double-take at the two of us.

Jessica and I look at each other.

"Dear Lawd! Thought giants come to get me!"


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