Monday, February 18, 2008

Whidbey Island Group Ride

2008-02-16- Whidbey Island 039

More photos if you check the flickr account, but I decided for once to not bog the page down with huge pictures. There is a forum post here with more photos and details about the ride. On the second page in the thread, a guy posted some photos from his gas-can mounted camera, but I'm having trouble linking to the photos, so you'll have to check out the forum post. He also ended up crashing after the ride, about a mile from his house--and his bike is WRECKED. It is pretty gruesome!

To put it short and sweet, the ride was amazing. It couldn't have been a better day: clear skies and 55 degrees in February is almost unheard of in Seattle. Our group of 14 riders must have crossed paths with over a hundred other motorcycles on our ride--EVERYONE was outside on Sunday.

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