Sunday, February 24, 2008

Unfortunate Revelation

I'm still reeling from that last post. I woke up this morning wondering why the hell I blogged about what was happening during my entire Friday. I felt like Randy Newman in the episode of Family Guy.

This clip isn't from the show (again with the copyright!), but it is at least the audio of the scene I'm talking about:

Probably not going to do the half-day post again anytime soon.

This weekend has been absolutely perfect weather-wise. 55-60 degrees and sunny in February--I'm still shocked. I've gotten motorcycle rides in both days this weekend, including a sunset-catching ride over to Alki with Princess Leia last night. I tossed the disc a bit yesterday, and after talking with the princess before our ride, it turns out that I missed about four hours of pickup ultimate with her and friends--damn! I was jonesing for some ultimate, but luckily for me I checked out the pickup locations today and found a game down at Montlake that was starting right as I found the website.

I hopped on the motorcycle and rode down to Montlake, and ended up playing in a very relaxing, wide skill-range, and very friendly game of ultimate for nearly three hours. It was exactly what I needed. We cheered before every pull, usually just something silly like a quote from a movie line. We did one from Juno: "We're not mature enough for this!" and quite a few cheers with respect to the sunny February day. I've got Slog in the Bog coming up in two weeks with the Tacoma team, so getting out and running around until I was exhausted was perfect. I also got my first layout of the season, which was a freaking sweet left-handed full-extendo grab near the endzone. I'm still picking leaves and twigs out of my underwear. CK knows what I mean!

Also, after we finished playing and all of us were walking back to our vehicles, two of the "attractive young women" ultimate group saw my motorcycle and demanded rides next week. The ninja is finally paying dividends!

Sadly, this weekend wasn't all hot tubs, girls and motorcycles, like last weekend. On to the unfortunate revelation part of this post...

I think I may be allergic to cats.

This might not be a big deal to a lot of people, but I have grown up with cats, and they are by far my favorite animal. I remember using Sally as a pillow when I was younger. I don't think being allergic to cats will stop me from having them around, as long as the allergy doesn't get incredibly sensitive. I hadn't noticed the allergy until this weekend, when Watson insensately kept climbing up on my chair and swashing his tail around my face. I couldn't stop sneezing. I've only had short-haired cats for the past three years, and the four years before that I was in college, with no pets around. Watson isn't quite a fluff ball, but he's got plenty of hair. The past few weeks, when I thought I was sick, are probably due to all of the cat fur I have been too lazy to clean up around the house. I'm going to give all the furniture a good clean tonight, so hopefully the constant sneezing and runny nose will go away.

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Blogger notquitewhatyouexpected said...

oh no, one of the things I remember best about you is your affinity for cats!

1:13 AM  
Blogger staceyface said...

have you emailed with scott about it? also, my friend destonie has cat allergies and lives with 4 cats right now..i could ask her what she uses.

that really sucks. i hope i never develop cat allergies

5:35 PM  

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