Monday, February 18, 2008

Wicked Sick Fun

So that last post? The one with a single picture and about 100 words? Took me two hours to post. Gah. I've been fighting off this cold for the last two weeks, and I think my weekend neglect of my body has caught up with me. I had to go into work today on President's Day, and I didn't make it in until 10:30am. There was a fun reason I showed up for work late, I'll leave it at that. But I'm paying for the fun now. Not much sleep all weekend and hunching over the bike all day yesterday has left my body sore and my tank completely drained.

Hopefully I'll go back and add some detail to this weekend at a later date. I think at one point I was refilling wine glasses for my half-naked princess in the hot tub, when I glanced at my laptop and saw an IM from another lady friend that said "run away with me." I don't know where this sudden interest from the ladies came from. I'm the skinny, dorky-looking kid with glasses and big ears. I think Juno might have something to do with it. God bless that movie.



Blogger The Wife said...

Dudes with a motorcycle and a job who can get cute lesbians to hot tob it with them?

There's a certain mystique . . .

Having met you, I'd even throw in the "heck of a nice guy" . . .

Remember, a skinny dorky guy runs the world's richest software monopoly . . .

Have a great sunny day in Seattle!

The Wife

1:35 PM  

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