Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm in!

Well, good and bad news. The GREAT news, is that I got accepted into the UW-Bothell Teaching Program, which starts at the end of March. I didn't have too much doubt whether I'd be accepted or not, but I'm glad I don't have to worry about it anymore. This is what I want to do, and I can't wait to start classes in a month!

The bad news: I'll have classes Monday and Wednesday nights (like I do now). That is bad news, because BB3 is coming up, and I would LOVE to play all of the events and go represent the Seattle bloggers in the WSOP. But, as this is my year of work, unlike last year's year of fun, I'm going to focus on work and school. I'll just have to railthe new MOOKIE champion, and hope he goes nuts over the next few months, and wins a seat! I'll still probably try and take a whack at the skills game or riverchasers every so often, but it will just be a for a shot in the finale--not to gather points to hop up the leader board.

I hadn't done anything stupid in the last few days... so I tried cooking tonight. Granted, the clam chowder came out of an aluminum can, but it DID involve turning on the stove. And when I turn on the stove, things either go terribly wrong, or something starts smoking. One might think it hard to mess up cooking a can of clam chowder from Trader Joe's. There are two steps: open can and plop material into pan; add a can-full of milk. Heat it up and eat it!

That's good cookin'! But...

Always the but...

What if you don't HAVE any milk?

I grew up in the 80s and 90s. I've watched an episode or two of Macgyver. When you're stranded on a desert island, you man up! You crack off a shoelace, blow a half-bubble with your bubble gum, then use the gum wrapper and materialize a paper-clip from nowhere to make a fucking helicopter and fly yourself to safety... do you not?!

There I was, glop of clam chowder in a pan, no milk. Just like Macgyver.

Well, milk is sort of watery, and water is sort of watery--so why not just use water? I suppose there is a slight chance the consistency of milk and water might not be the same. Awfuckit! What is the worst that could happen? Whatever that is, I'd have a reason to blog today--all systems go!

It actually turned out alright! No smoke alarm party in the kitchen, either--I was shocked. Hell, I'm still shocked.

What other stupid things did I do today? I played basketball with the North Seattle Community College team in a pickup game at the gym. These guys have been playing for the last four months. I'm a skinny, white kid with hair out past my ears. That was pretty stupid. Fun, though! I didn't score in either game I played, but my team won the second game, so it wasn't a total demoralizing afternoon of basketball for me.

And... I'm going to the symphony tomorrow night? That'll be interesting?

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Blogger Matt said...

Sadly I'm in the same boat as you for much of the BBT3 - school on Monday & Wednesday nights as well. I'll have to freshen up on my NL games for the Skillz & RC tourneys if I'm to have any chance at the TOC.

8:32 PM  

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