Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poker, Poker!

I've been playing a bit more poker recently, mostly small buy-in SNGs and MTTs, along with hitting and running at the micro-stakes O8 limit tables. Omaha 8 or better will be the name of the game come my hosting of the Seattle Area Blogger Home Game in February, so get your practice in now, Chakos! Well, for at least one of the two tournies on the night.

I finally made it deep in a MTT this afternoon, bubbling the final table when the BB defended with Kc3s for 80% of his stack versus my SB push... and four-flushed me with spades. Granted, he was ahead of my Qh8d preflop, but I think it may have been a mis-click... the dude insta-called! Going deep in tournaments sure is fun though, gotta get me more of that!



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