Thursday, December 04, 2008

Prelude to Winter 2008

This winter has the possibility to be most fun yet. It is almost painful sitting here, waiting for the snow to fall in the mountains. Nearly all of the ski resorts have zero-inch bases, and it is December 4th. I've been loving the warm weather in Seattle, and I've done an alright job of taking advantage of the unseasonably warm weather... but I'm not kidding anyone. I can't wait for the snow to start falling.

Why can't I wait for snow? Because this year I have my first ever season's pass. Not only that, but J, a friend who I've gone to school with since kindergarten, also has a pass. Not only does J have a pass, but a mighty fine woman from my teaching cohort also has a pass--and she went 20 times last year. A kindergarten teacher in training, who models in her spare time. She "can't wait to board all day, grab a beer and jump in the hot tub."

Sweet Jesus. This winter is going to be awesome.



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