Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Group Poem

Last week in my teaching program, we did a fun little exercise where everyone at each table got out a piece of paper and wrote one line of a poem. It could be a favorite line from a favorite poem, or a line the person just came up with. When time is called, you pass the paper to your left and receive the paper from the person to your right, and add a line to their poem. You do this until the original person gets their poem back. The purpose of the poem project is to read what the people before you have written and stay true to the story, but also add to it.

Here is the poem I started, and my classmates finished:

The pretty girl to my right,
Doesn't even know my name.
She is always there, right beside me.
Am I invisible to her sight?
Does she not see my pain?
Oh, if only she knew how I really felt, I could wrap my hand around her belt.

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