Saturday, November 22, 2008

Weekend Update

We're finally getting some snow in the Cascades! Ski season approaches, and I spent too much time this week working on mix CDs for my trips up to the slopes. Other than anticipation for skiing and boarding this winter, this week was also busy at school, and my Mom's foot surgery was Wednesday. The surgery went well, and besides being groggy from the pills, she is doing great. Dad and I are fixing all the meals and running errands for her while she recovers, and he has not even complained (much) yet!

In a weird coincidence, my cat Ichi hobbled in Thursday night, not putting any weight on his front right paw. I wasn't sure if he was making fun of Mom, or if he actually hurt his paw. He also had a gash on his ear, which did not look pretty, so either another cat or a raccoon got to him. We visited the vet today, because Ichi still was not putting any weight on his paw. He got checked out and the doctor thought his paw was either sprained or had a small fracture--but did not recommend an x-ray because there was not a big difference in treatment for where the sprain/fracture is located on his paw. The cut on Ichi's ear was actually a bigger surprise, because it went all the way through the ear, and after the doc cleaned the cut out, the hole was big enough to see through! Ouch! He'll be an indoor cat for the next few weeks.

School is steadily picking up. We've got a ton of work coming up at the end of the semester--right when the Stevens Pass will be opening. I'm trying to get as much of the work done before the ski resort opens. We've got papers, lesson plans, digital vignettes, parent-teacher conferences--all sorts of crap! Interesting crap, though.

Today is the Apple Cup: UW vs. WSU, and both teams are winless in conference this year. The anticipation for the game is probably higher than most years, because UW has not gone winless in their 100 year history, and it would please WSU more than any team to complete a defeated season for UW. I've got action on the game with one of my skiing buddies. I got 10:1 odds on a pushup bet that I could not refuse. If the game goes to overtime, he has to do 100 pushups. If the game does not go to overtime, I do 10.

Tonight is also poker and birthday night at Casa De Chako! I plan on bringing a present that is over 100% of my income... alright, the jig is up, my income is $0. I'll also try and dig some information on the current state of Dr. Chako's bankroll on Full Tilt for our side bet. I'm down a bit from where I started at the beginning of the month, but the losses aren't too bad.

After poker, I'll probably head down to T-town and get some Guitar Hero World Tour in with a guy who doesn't like sleep. Apparently he's got the place decked out with the drum stand and everything--get ready to RAAAWK!

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