Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Goldmyer Hot Springs

Eddie from my cohort, a guy who I've gone on a few hikes with over the summer, invited me to join him and a few friends on Sunday for a hike to Goldmyer Hot Springs. Originally, I declined, because I knew I would be playing tackle football on Thursday and playing ultimate all day Saturday. Then I found out we'd be breaking record highs for Sunday, November 30th in Seattle, so I opted in. 55 degrees on November 30th is crazy!

The forecast took a bit of a turn for the worse as the week progressed, but it was still above normal temperatures for the hike. It actually turned out that the weather would not have mattered, because the hike was all in old growth forest, and even though it was a clear and sunny day--we only rarely saw the sun. The four mile trail was really easy, no elevation gain at all. Out of Tom, Eddie, Mary Ann, Kristy and I, I was the slowest hiker. I haven't been the slowest hiker in a group for a looong time.

We got to the Hot Springs and at first, I was a bit disappointed. I didn't realize there was a $15 fee. I'm used to hot springs being free--but at least Mary Ann paid in advance. At first glance, the hot springs looked like two small pools, cascading down from a cave entrance. Upon closer inspection, the cave goes back a good 25ft, with waist-high 104 degree water (it feels just as hot as the hot tub at home). You can stand up in the cave, it is extra dark, and it doubles as a sauna. I couldn't stand the heat, so I got out of the kitchen and hopped in the river (~45 degrees?). I couldn't help but imagine myself there in the winter with fresh snow on the ground. It was well worth the $15. The NWWP, keepers of the hot springs, cap the hot spring usage to 20 people per day--which is great. We had some company, but there was plenty of space for everyone.

Highly recommended.



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