Sunday, October 19, 2008


I was going to title this post "Down with the Sickness" but it turns out I titled a post that 13 months ago. I think I can duplicate title posts, because it looks like the date is also jotted down, but I like being unique.

I've been sick since last Wednesday, skipping out on my middle school observation last week. I didn't feel too terrible, but I had the muscle-aches and plenty of hacking up of green stuff to keep me at home. I spent most of this weekend indoors, too, which sucked because the weather was beautiful and I could have had my sixth "Last Weekend of Summer" motorcycle trip.

Saturday was a pretty fun day. I went to my friend Andrew's belated wedding reception (he had a private wedding but had this reception party for all his friends months later) and drank some wine to try and keep my sickness in check. From the reception, Tyler joined me for a quick round at the par-3 course and we tied. It was a great 60-degree afternoon, and even though I wasn't feeling great, it seemed like such a waste to stay inside, so we walked to the golf course from Tyler's. The golf was fine, but it ended up being a mile walk to the course, another mile of walking around the course, a mile back to his house, then another two mile walk back to my house--which was just too much.

I crashed and planned on making it an early night, but WoW was acting up and I had finished most of my schoolwork for the week, and there was a little post-reception party at the Montlake house... I made an appearance, not intending to stay long, but before I knew it 3am rolled around and the keg was dry. It was fun seeing lots of old faces back in town to celebrate Andrew's wedding. We got some poker, dice and Apples to Apples in, as well as watching Tropic Thunder. I haven't seen Ironman, and don't really have a good or bad impression of Robert Downey Jr., but he is pretty funny in Tropic Thunder. Or maybe it was the beer.

The muscle ache is gone after a nice sleep into the p.m., but the cold has now moved into my nose and I've used up half a box of tissues. At least I'm not the only one who is sick, it seems like most people I talk to are battling some kind of flu. I just hope it is over before next weekend and the Hanford Howl frisbee tournament. Last year we were the Brain Takers (a play on the Tacoma team's "Rainmakers" name). This year we are the Moonrakers, and I watched the old Bond movie Friday night--it has got to be one of the top Bond movies of all time. I'm going to dress up as Jaws, the most important part of the costume will be the mouth guard painted silver, but I need to figure out how to paint a mouth guard silver without poisoning myself to death.

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Blogger Josh said...

You could always check Halloween supply stores for grills. Cause a straight up gangsta like jaws has got to have some bling.

2:02 PM  

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