Saturday, October 11, 2008

Motorcycle Video

Another nice weekend in Seattle. I think this is the fourth or fifth "last weekend of summer." It might be a little too cold to call this a summer weekend, but I know there won't be many of these weekends for motorcycle riding until next May. I was hoping to get some ultimate in at Greenlake this morning, but despite the good weather only three other people showed up to play. We tossed the disc for an hour, then I decided a motorcycle ride to Duvall to try and save the day.

I revisited the best BBQ restaurant I've ever been to for lunch, Teddy Bear's BBQ, and washed down the Papa Bear BBQ sandwich with a Moose Drool. My parents are back from their two-week road trip and my mom got me this great Moose Drool sweatshirt that I'll be wearing all winter, for many winters to come! Teddy's Papa Bear sandwich is something I might kill for. It is that good. Just thinking about this afternoon's pork sandwich makes my mouth water. The fact that big trophies line the wall reaffirm that they know what they are doing.

2008-10-11 - Duvall Motorcycle 007

2008-10-11 - Duvall Motorcycle 004

After eating, I made my way to the windy road Susie introduced me to a few months back. I had my camera with me, so I experimented with taking a video while I rode the motorcycle. After a few failed attempts, I eventually tightened the string to leave as little slack as possible around my neck so the view from the camera would be above the windshield of the motorcycle. My first few attempts had the gas cap as the lead role, but the final try worked out okay. I think the camera shut off after five minutes, which is alright because I got stuck behind a truck shortly after the video cuts out. The quality is a lot better on the original video, but YouTube cuts the file size from 450mb down to about 20mb.

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Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I have forwarded this video on the the proper authorities. You can clearly see several traffic infractions and a great deal of speed. Shame on you lawbreaker!

9:44 AM  

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