Monday, October 06, 2008

Yes, Definitely!

I shook up the ol' 8-ball and asked it some questions this afternoon. For some reason the answer kept coming up, "Yes, Definitely!"

Magic 8-ball, do the Seahawks really suck this bad?

Magic 8-ball, did I really only score 16 fantasy points this week with my all-Seahawk fantasy squad?

Magic 8-ball, have I already failed at my attempt at temperance?

Magic 8-ball, I'll still be alright though, right?

Magic 8-ball, was it windy this weekend?

Magic 8-ball, did my power go out?

Magic 8-ball, did I find the neighbor's huge table umbrella in our backyard due to the 50mph gusts?

Magic 8-ball, is the rain a big reason why I love Seattle so much?

Magic 8-ball, is the only reason I like rain because I come home from work/school and jump into sweatpants and play on the computer?

Magic 8-ball, am I going to win the donkament this week?



Blogger The Wife said...

Magic 8-ball - should the Chako's hold another poker party soon?

Yes, Definitely!

10:36 PM  

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