Sunday, September 28, 2008

Channeling My Inner Schaubs

I went golfing this week. Twice. The only other time I went golfing this year was over in Central Washington, which is usually the only time I go golfing each year. To call me a "hack" golfer would be an understatement. The only other time I've been golfing in the last few years is out at the coast with Andrew, Marc and Tyler. Andrew was in town this weekend for his brother's wedding, so I tried to get the foursome together for a round of golf today.

Marc and Tyler bowed out early, but Andrew sounded interested, so I got a tee time for 9:30am down at Tyee. In preparation for the full 18 holes at Tyee (I haven't played 18 holes in a good five years), I went out to the par 3 short course at Greenlake with my parents Friday afternoon. The longest hole at Greenlake is 115 yards, and the shortest is about 50 yards--it is tiny. The weather was gorgeous, my golf game was on fire, and my dad provided plenty of entertainment.

For playing once in the past year I was amazed at going bogey, par, par, par, bogey, par, par, par, bogey for a 30. I think the lowest I have ever shot at Greenlake was a 29, so being one off my record was amazing. My tee shots were going well and my putting was true, the only part of my game struggling was my chipping, but thankfully I didn't have too many chip shots to make. So I was pleasantly surprised with my practice run, ready for Sunday.

As planned, we drink a bit too much at the reception Saturday night and stumble onto the golf course three minutes before our tee time. The front nine went alright, I shot a 44, Andrew was at 43 and Chris shot a 41. For lunch we grabbed hot dogs at the clubhouse and I couldn't resist the call of a tall, frosty Rainier. I should have though. The back nine ate me up. I must have 3-putted every hole, it was ugly.

Breaking 100 is usually my goal, but I thought I was ready to try for 90. I ended up shooting a 99, but the course was only a par 70 instead of the regular 72. According to my fuzzy math, my 100 goal should be closer to 96 on a par 70 course. I'm not sure what it was, maybe it was the beer, maybe not playing 18 holes for five years, but I left the course thinking playing 3 times in one year was one too many for me... lol.



Blogger Schaubs said...

LOL @ title.

Not bad at all MHG. Chipping is usually the first to go. Touch is a hard thing to maintain if you are not playing and practicing every week.

Well done though. Breaking 100 is a good thing, regardless of the conditions.

Usually a beer or two will do me some good in a fun game, but I never drink when in a serious match.

I think it was the hot dog if you ask me. I quit them a long time ago once I realized I would always have the "hot dog" swing on the next few holes.

8:03 AM  

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