Saturday, August 30, 2008


Football is awesome. I forgot again how much fun football season is, and everything that goes into a season. I'm in three fantasy football leagues this year, one which drafted last Thursday. I got the first pick for the first time since Peyton Manning carried me into the playoffs single-handedly (must have been his record-breaking year in... 2005? 2006?). This year I grabbed LT. The only other real option for me was Tom Brady, but I think he'll take a shot or two and go down sometime this year. I grabbed Brady's backup just in case my hunch plays out. I also picked Ricky Williams before it was known whether he'd be the starter in Miami--that hunch played out swimmingly. My other two fantasy football leagues draft this coming week.

Another reason football is awesome is playing football video games. I've been playing since NFL Gameday 97 with my good friend Marc, and we play a co-op franchise each year. Today Marc finally crumbled and bought his first Madden game. He's been a big boo-bird of EA Sports and the Madden franchise for buying the exlusive NFL rights a few years back, thus monopolizing the NFL video game industry. We've been playing NFL2K5 for the past four years and he needed to upgrade, so we went down to the store and bought a used copy of last year's Madden 08 because the Wii version of Madden 09 apparently doesn't have create-a-player.

Creating players is vital to our franchise's success, especially when my perennial all-pro linebacker, Brick Wall, steps onto the field. Marc made a 6'6" 190lbs side-arm throwing left-handed quarterback to go along with my speedy running back, Nacho Cheese, and my wide receiver Sytbythe Pool. The first two games we dusted off some rust, and to spice things up we added in a push-up bet on defense because he also made a linebacker. Two points for a forced fumble, fumble recovery, interception and defensive touchdown; one point per tackle--loser each game has to do 10 push-ups. We split the first two games, but the third game Brick Wall went crazy. 7 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 2 fumble recoveries, and 2 defensive touchdowns!

I am also a big fan of college football. I just can't stand the blowouts and the poor sportsmanship. 66-0, 55-2, 45-0. How could those games be any fun to watch? Unfortunately for Washington State, we watched both UW and WSU get crushed today. I feel like this year will be another year of UW playing close games until the 4th quarter and just getting shalacked in that final quarter. Jake Locker is an amazing quarterback, but our wide receivers must have dropped a dozen passes and our offensive line couldn't handle Oregon's defensive scheme. I've learned to channel my irritation from college football into bone-crushing tackles delivered by the Brick Wall. It is a good therapy. It also reminds me of Terry Tate:

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