Sunday, August 24, 2008


Sunday evening when I amble around the house wishing I had a cane or a walker is usually the sign of a good weekend, and tonight was no exception. I did not play all that many points of ultimate at Spawnfest, but what I lacked on the field I made up for in beer consumed Saturday night. I drank the lion's share of our team's stash, which resulted in a (amazingly unexpected) hangover. The hangover crippled my play on Sunday.

I noticed, much like Potlatch this year, that my fun did not come from playing ultimate, it came from the people I play ultimate with. I had a great time seeing both familiar and new faces. Rob and Fionna, our pickup couple from the Ireland world's team were great frisbee players and a shot of fresh blood and perspective into the Tacoma team. Hanging out with Josh is always fun, and I won't soon forget his gold medal victory at 2am "testicle toss" over ZE GERMANS!! Kali, the Goddess of Death, who also played on my beach ultimate team a month ago, was fun to play with again--we share a love of playing handlers in zone-offense (thus not having to run).



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