Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Matrix Poker

A few bloggers have been posting their thoughts on Full Tilt's new Matrix-style poker, so I check out the new SNGs and I must say--they definitely provide enough bang for their buck. I've done two cheapo $2 9-person Matrix SNGs, one a turbo and one non-turbo. The non-turbo made it to a break before finishing up, the turbo did not, if you are wondering how long these take.

-Lots of hands to play
-Skill > Luck
-Same players on each table

-4 tables is a bit much, especially when I'm sick
-minimal payout
-no big win

The new matrix style is cool because you play four SNG and the top 3 places each get money, then for each person you outlast you get a point, for each KO you get 2 points and each win 2 points for the overall top 3 spots (which pay the same as any of the single tournies). It is weird that you can win a SNG and still lose money in the matrix, but winning one of every four single table SNG's is about a push anyways, right?

So far I had a positive ROI in both matrices I played, and I only won one of the 8 SNGs.



Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Stop trying to beat 'em, and beat 'em.

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