Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dying? Never fear, MHG is here!

You are reading a walking, talking, CPR and first aid certified tennis coach. So if any tennis balls get lodged into high schoolers, I'll be able to save the day! Or, as I learned, I can just walk away. As long as I don't start CPR, I can leave... OK, I wouldn't do that, that is the mean side of happyguy.

Tennis practice went alright, I've gotta make some cuts tomorrow, and I'm still not sure who to keep and who to cut. Some of the kids I'm thinking about cutting have won more than other kids, but they're winning by lobbing the ball back into play, not hitting good, solid strokes. Lobbing only gets you so far, and I'd really like to see solid strokes that aren't as consistent... which is contrary to how I played tennis in high school--which makes it a morally difficult decision. I might not have made the team using my own logic!

After tennis practice, I made a quick trip to the pool. I swam a season's best 3 laps, then hit the diving board for a few minutes before heading back home. I really suck at swimming when it comes to stamina. After only three laps, my head was spinning, which makes jumping off the diving board much more difficult. When I was nine years old we would swim dozens of laps a day at swim practice, and I fancy myself in better shape now than I was then. Weird.

At least tomorrow after breaking hopes and dreams of teenagers, I get to go over to Jeremy's house and fantasy football it up! We've got a draft at 8pm, and he's got wireless internet, so a few of us are heading over there to drink and talk shit. Ah, how I love talking shit about sports. Especially with Jeremy and Marc, because from the bottom of my heart: YOU SUCK!

Friday morning Dad and I head out to Spider Meadows for an overnight hike, expect some more hiking pictures. We'll be back Saturday night for a few post-hike brewskies and a soak in the hot tub. Rough life.

Sunday: pool party!

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