Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Coaching is a go

This JV Coaching job isn't going to be easy. I've got about 20 new tryouts that are vying for about 4 open spots on the team. Ouch! The whole goal is to get the JV players lots of competitive tennis under their belts, and in turn improve to contend for a varsity spot next year. There are a dozen JV returners from last year who probably aren't going to make the nearly-full varsity team, and there are four really good new freshman that might even bump down some varsity players from last year to JV.

I feel bad for a lot of the kids, because when I was playing tennis at RHS, they would have definitely made JV, and possibly even varsity. But this year our team looks to be a real competitive one, and they probably won't make the cut at the end of this week.

I am looking forward to the coaching gig once we get past the cuts though, because they all have plenty of room to improve, and I think I will be able to help them get to that next level. Whether it is footwork, forehands, backhands, second serves or their return game--there are holes in everyone's game that I've seen so far, and it is going to be fun to try and mend those weak spots in the players' games. I think our JV team will do amazingly well this year too, with the amount of talent I've seen so far. Winning isn't really a big part of my job, getting them prepped to win at the varsity level is what it is all about.

Tyler and I are going to head over to Sand Point tonight to go play some racquetball, then head back here for some hot tub therapy. Living at home ain't all that bad.



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