Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Coaching Opportunities

I've had a pretty relaxing first few days back in Seattle. Got to hang out with Tyler and Mike over the weekend, which was good fun like always. We tossed the disc, played some Mario Party 8 on the Wii for the first time, and saw the Bourne Ultimatum. Didn't get to see Andrew or Marc, Andrew is over in England and Ireland for the month and Marc was off camping in the rain for the weekend.

I've been playing quite a bit of WoW, and I finally got a guild started up last night with the help of friends and a few other interested parties. The guild is based around exploring all of the content and starting from scratch, much like the Everquest guild I helped create last year. Been playing a druid and I'm having lots of fun dancing in bear form.

Outside of WoW, I've also been getting a lot done. I visited my old high school about observation hours and an open assistant coaching position with the tennis team. Tennis was the only sport I played in high school, and I am very interested in helping coach this Fall. It turns out that the old assistant coach is now the head coach, and he is an incredibly funny guy. His nickname for my 6'6", 150lb friend is "MEAT!" "Hey Meat, get over here!" He'd teach us the proper fly-fishing technique whenever we'd meet in the hall during school... he was just a guy that made me laugh. Tryouts started yesterday, but it was rainy. I rode my bike over to the courts during a break in the rain, but they were empty. It looks a bit rainy again today, but I'm hoping to get ahold of Mr. K to see if I can grab that assistant coaching position.

On the way back from the high school, I stopped by my old community center, where I played basketball for a dozen years growing up. I've talked to Tyler and Brandon about helping out assistant coaching if I try to coach a team, and they both seem interested (although Brandon would be on a temporary basis due to travel). Filled out some forms at the community center for the basketball position, which I won't find out about until mid-Sept. As I handed the packet back to the guy at the desk, I noticed an Ultimate Frisbee sign up sheet on the counter. I inquired about it and it turns out they are looking for coaches there as well! So I wrote "Basketball and Ultimate Frisbee" on top of my coaching submission and had a fun chat with the coordinator at the front desk.

I could have a very full plate this Fall and Winter, assuming I get a part time job as well. I was thinking tutoring might be perfect for me, seeing how I want to get into teaching, it would provide a little insight into what teaching might be like. I've got to wrap it around my two classes at NSCC and coaching though, which might prove difficult. We'll see!

Agenda for the next few days is to get a WA license plate for my motorcycle (Yesterday I also signed up for a MSF course in October) and to contact teachers at both elementary schools and high schools about observation hours. Wednesday Tyler and I are planning on playing some handball/racquetball. Thursday my Dad and I are heading up to the cabin to get some work done up there. Then Friday or Saturday I'll be heading out to Lake Tapps to have a fun weekend with some old familiar faces!

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